Brick-and-Mortar/Retail Stores

A Sixth Chip merchant account is accessible to all Brick-and-Mortar/Retail Stores. It is available to merchants who want buying merchandise in their store made safe, reliable and easy. While some Brick-and-Mortar/Retail Stores vary, all of them want a trouble-free payment processing system that their consumers desire—that’s where we come in!

Sixth Chip lets merchants provide several forms of acceptable payments from consumers, that keep up with today’s technology and practicality. Whether consumers prefer using debit/credit cards, gift cards or even personal checks, Sixth Chip makes it all promising.


Next Steps...

With a Sixth Chip merchant account, we lower a company’s risk of fraudulent payment processing while improving the efficiency of the business flow. Sixth Chip offers reasonable rates to Brick-and-Mortar/Retail Stores that accommodate the affordability in today’s competitive market. We have pricing alternatives merchants can select from that will be of service to our payment services


When you acquire an account with Sixth Chip, we’ll work with you for the life of your store.